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Snake Chain Click & Twist Tangle Toy Original


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Snake Chain Click & Twist Tangle Toy (24 Links)

Let Your Imagination Run Wild
Helps develop creativity by providing the means to generate all sorts of fantastical shapes and designs
Click & Twist
Addictively clicky and great for stress & anxiety relief. Also makes an ideal fidget toy for entertaining those with ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s syndrome and other special needs.
Fidget on the Move
The perfect portable size for keeping fidgeting hands entertained wherever they may be.


Materials & Design
Constructed from high quality tactile plastics for impressive durability
Designed with an eye-catching combination of bright colours


Size, Weight & Pocketability 
Measures approx. 28cm (at full length) and weighs just 21g!
Due to its cleverly engineered versatility, we believe this toy is: Suitable for most pockets
Package Contents
1x Snake Chain Click & Twist Tangle Toy (24 Links)

Weight 21 g
Dimensions 28 cm


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